LED Parking Garage Signs, Parking Ramp Signage & Parking Safety Signs

We recognize the need for specialized signage to service the parking Industry and realize that sign construction and installation are often dictated by diverse structural and visual criteria. Our LED illuminated parking signs are a cost-effective, durable solution for signs that offer quick and easy-to-read visual directions and information to aid motorists and pedestrians in navigating parking facilities, especially parking ramps and garages. Now is the time to replace old neon and incandescent units with these brighter, more energy-efficient LED illuminated signs.

Open Full Signs

Energy Saving OPEN FULL Signs for Parking Garages and Ramps

Our LED lighted OPEN FULL, LOT FULL and GARAGE FULL signs help motorists to quickly determine if a parking facility has available parking spaces or if it has reached capacity. These outdoor-rated, compact, led traffic control signs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including signs with side-by-side or stacked top/bottom messages; and space-saving overlaid OPEN FULL signs. Try our stainless steel switch plates with on/off indicator lights making remote operation easy to toggle between messages.


X-ARROW Signs and Stop & Go Lights

Our LED lighted X and Down Arrow signs and Stop and Go Lights use globally understood green/red symbols to convey "Enter/Do Not Enter" and "Stop and Go" messages to approaching motorists. The X Arrow signs feature space-saving superimposed messages. These signs speed customer service by directing motorists to lanes open to traffic.

Entrance Signs

Parking Garage Entrance Signs, Enter Signs and Take Ticket Signs

Give customers clear directions at the entranceways of parking facilities. Easily seen from the street, these bright LED signs help motorists to quickly identify which lanes to use when entering. Sign messages can include important directions or signal if the entryway is for PUBLIC PARKING, LEASE ONLY, SPECIAL EVENT PARKING, etc. These compact, outdoor-rated LED signs are UL approved, maintenance free, highly energy efficient and offer many mounting options.

Exit Signs

Parking EXIT Signs and ENTER EXIT Signs

Effectively guide motorists to the appropriate exit points with our LED illuminated Traffic Control Signs and Parking Garage Exit Signs. Bright, outdoor-rated EXIT and EXIT-ARROW signs keep traffic moving as they aid customers in navigating low-light, multi-level parking facilities. Standard and custom messages are available.

Cashier Signs

Cashier Signs for Parking Facilities

As customers return to their vehicles and make ready to depart the parking facility, they need clear directions to navigate and locate PAY STATIONS and CASHIER stations or lanes. We offer a variety of LED signs with messages to identify these areas and to help direct motorists to the proper payment lane such as CREDIT CARD EXIT, PERMIT ONLY, etc. These LED signs help to keep traffic moving and speed customer service.

Warning Signs

Warning Signs and Safety Signs for Parking Facilities

iSIGNS has energy saving LED illuminated safety and warning signs to help alert the public to dangers or safety hazards around parking garages and parking lots. Signs are outdoor-rated, UL listed and carry bright, high contrast messages in red, green, amber, blue, or white. Sign messages include STOP, DO NOT ENTER, KEEP RIGHT and many more.

Clearance Signs

Clearance Height Signs and Hanging Vehicle Clearance Warning Bars for Parking Garages and Ramps

These Hanging Low Clearance Bars and LED illuminated Clearance Height Signs alert motorists, before they enter the parking garage, to vehicle size restrictions due to low overhead structures and the potential for damage. Installing clearance warning signs can greatly reduce the incidence of stuck vehicles and collisions or damage to parking garages and automobiles.