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iSIGNS is a national wholesale sign source specializing in:

  • Eco-friendly, energy saving LED illuminated Traffic Control Signs and Signals (Drive-thru, Open Closed, Enter Exit, Bank Lane, Safety Signs, and more) with a 5-year warranty

All of our sign products are "Quick-to-Ship."

  • Next day shipping on stock signs
  • All other sign products ship in two weeks or less

Our sign products are in demand and successfully used by:

  • Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions
  • Parking Garages and Facilities
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Airports, Transportation and Mass Transit Terminals
  • Loading Docks, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers

All products are manufactured locally in Northwest Pennsylvania and ship to clients throughout North America.

Latest Signage News

iSIGNS Inc. in Erie, PA offers several sizes and models of LED illuminated CAUTION VEHICLE EXITING and CAUTION CAR COMING signs to help warn pedestrians of approaching vehicles and impending danger. Parking Garages, Automobile Dealerships, Vehicle Service Centers and Car Washes often have vehicle exit paths that cross pedestrian walkways. In many cases, building structures become obstacles preventing drivers from seeing pedestrians until they are right in front of them. Also the introduction in recent years of nearly silent hybrid and electric vehicles has brought increased risk to pedestrians in vehicle exit areas.

Strategically placed exit warning signs and vehicle alert signs or devices can help increase safety for both motorists and pedestrians. When used with vehicle sensors or open door sensors, these signs can be activated to display a warning message to keep walkways and exit paths clear and safe. Accessories like flashers, beacon strobes and audio alarms are also available to provide an added element of warning.

Our Vehicle Alert Warning Signs feature:

  • Bright, easy to read messages
  • Energy Saving LED Illumination that costs only pennies a day to operate
  • Slim-line Aluminum Cabinets
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Optional Aluminum Posts and Base Plates for mounting near walkways

Our most popular Vehicle Exiting Warning Signs for Dealerships, Car Washes and Parking Garages are:

  • 14” x 18” CAUTION VEHICLE EXITING – Part # TCL1418A-A172
  • 14” x 18” CAUTION VEHICLE EXITING – Part # PHX1418A-A172
  • 14” x 18” CAUTION CAR COMING – Part # TCL1418A-925

Need a help for a vehicle exit that poses a danger to pedestrians?

Help to avoid accidents…put these signs to work now at dealerships, car washes and parking garages!

For questions Email or call us toll free at 866-437-3040.

Posted: 10/26/2017

iSIGNS… Exterior Directional Lane Lights Improve Efficiency at the Dealership Service Entrance

iSIGNS Inc. in Erie, PA offers LED illuminated Exterior Directional Lane Lights (X | Arrow signs) to rev up and enhance the customer service experience. Automobile Dealerships and Service Centers install these signs as exterior entrance lights over their Service lane doors to draw attention to their Service facilities, direct traffic flow to open service lanes and speed customer check-in. When used with our toggle switches… at the flip of a switch, dealerships have the ability to open and close lanes depending on service needs or traffic requirements. The bright, highly visible LED messages are easily seen from a distance and direct motorists to the Service Entrance and vehicle drop-off lanes without having to leave their vehicles. These signs help to keep traffic flow organized and less congested. They also offer an element of safety for drive-thru service lanes when used to indicate directions for entering and exiting as well as displaying when a lane is occupied.
Units feature slim-line cabinets with space saving super imposed images, energy-saving LED illumination that costs only pennies a day to operate, and a 5 year warranty.

Our most popular Exterior Directional Lane Lights for Dealerships to install over their Service Doors and Service Lanes are:

  • 12” x 12” X | DOWN ARROW Sign – Part # TCL1212RG-175DS
  • 18” x 18” X | DOWN ARROW Sign – Part # TCL1818RG-175DS

These signs are quickly becoming a facility signage requirement for many dealerships throughout North America. Improve the customer experience…put these signs to work at dealership service drives now!

For questions Email or call us toll free at 866-437-3040.

Posted: 10/26/2016